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Accounting. Finance. Budgeting. Business analytics.

Automatisation of tasks based on open-source solutions

End-to-end algorithmic distribution of financial key information

Easier than you think. Your accountants and financial experts will not tell you about it.



The main range of tasks to be solved:

Restoring order in the accounting,

(Taking into consideration that business language is the accounting)

Setting up the accounting and budgeting as a unite system.

Brining of normative-reference information

(of transactional systems into a state in which all the data is in machine-readable format.

Preparation of the company’s budget

In short terms (up to 14 days).

Cash flow

Daily cash flow statement in plan-fact.

Profit and loss

Statement on financial results.

Preliminary every week or day.

At the end of a month but not later than 10 days in plan-fact

Balance sheet

Balance sheet

Daily! In the very essence of the state of affairs of a company or group of companies


Reports on sales and others

Daily, on a schedule, upon the occurrence of the event

Preparing Dashboards

With the help of free libraries of Python language:







Preparing financial models

Including the formats accepted by ВЭБ.РФ, РОСАТОМ и тд.



The price of the consulting depends on the rate of work per hour. This indicator is to be. discussed with the customer but approximate cost is given below:



  • Delve into the accounting policy
  • Understand the structure of normative-reference information
  • Coordinate the range of tasks to be solved


t.₽120 / project

  • Setting up the budget progress - 2 weeks
  • Budget preparation - 2 weeks
  • Budget approval - 0,5 week


t.₽60 / project

  • Creating an automatic system of
  • generation, mailing,
  • and/or publication of
  • plan-fact reports:
  • CF, PL, BS etc.


t.₽20 / month

  • System support
  • in the first months of work,
  • knowledge transfer (training) of
  • the customer’s employees
  • on working with scripts

hourly rate


t.₽3 / hour

  • Standard work time



On work done:

Happy Clients


Hours Of Support

Hard Workers



The answers on your possible questions:

  • Python is the most popular language of scripts which is used and learned.

    "he programming language Python is to be the first “foreign” language for the majority of Russian people".

    Any self-respecting young specialist, student, school-boy learns or already knows Python.

  • Python scripts are prepared with documentation and a full description of what exactly this line of code does. Good documentation of the code will allow you to "read" it and be understandable to any specialist familiar with Python. The logical sequence of the written script fundamentally distinguishes it from Low-code systems or any Excel file with a complex structure of sheets and formulas, which is quite difficult to understand and check.

  • The speed of processing, generating reports and the ability to automatically repeat procedures in scripts has an incomparable advantage over manual data entry into Excel files.

  • One of the solutions in order not to violate the legal restrictions imposed by 1C on direct access to data will be the use of connectors or the organization of automatic daily unloading of transactions into any database format.

  • Systems built on open source ideology always overlap with proprietary software.

  • Yes, they do. Big corporations implement and use BI systems. But this requires the purchase or subscription to software and the maintenance of highly paid specialists for one of these systems.

    It is necessary to emphasize such an important factor as the format in which you can get the result from the BI system and where it can be sent. Using Python scripts, you won't even have to think about these questions: the format can be any, you can transfer the result to any information transmission channel (email, Telegram, WhatsApp).

  • Yes, they do. Only in Python you can "speak" for free, and in order to "communicate" in low code accents, you have to pay rent.

  • Hired management of companies who are not always interested in premature or permanent disclosure of their performance indicators.

    Economists and financiers who are interested in maintaining the status quo of their current state.

  • Data can be obtained from any machine-readable format. For the system to work, machine-readable data is needed: both accounting systems and any computer systems for data management and accumulation. Data sources must be up-to-date and correct. Budgets in the form of tables in Excel are easily transformed into a format convenient for obtaining plan-fact reports in which the actual values are pulled up directly from computer systems of information accumulation.




+7 (916) 014-37-70






Short information about me

Oleg Smolenishev

I have experience in managing the financial unit for more than 19 years (production, development, transport, etc.) at such enterprises as:

  • Financial director of AEON-Avia


  • Financial Director of the construction of a methanol plant in Volgograd


  • Financial director of Moscow river shipping company


  • Financial director of Volgograd river port


  • Financial director of South river port of Moscow


The well-known methodological simplicity of financial accounting, planning and reporting contradicts the subjective interest of participants in financial processes. The hired management of companies does not seek to work with owners on the principle of "open book". Performers working with economic and financial indicators are interested in increasing their importance in the flow of processing and providing standard routine reports and presentations. "Increasing importance" leads to complication and delay of simple processes, making interpretations and omissions beneficial to the performer, etc. Corporate culture does not contribute to full transparency of relations between business owners. One of the solutions may be to create a system that collects and provides key information according to specified algorithms..

In recent years, I have been studying and applying open source solutions in Python and came to the conclusion that the combination of finance and IT solutions is inevitable for the successful operation of financial services. The “function” of finance can be easily transformed and automated.

I use open and free Python libraries in my work, which are listed below: